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CSSP 2009



CSSP 2009
September 23-25, 2009

Wednesday September 23
Thursday September 24
Friday September 25
9h–9h15 Opening
9h15–10h15 Invited speaker:
Alain Rouveret (Paris 7) Ellipse de VP et traits morphosyntaxiques
10h15–10h55 Isabelle Charnavel (UCLA & ENS) Le possessif son propre en français
9h–10h Invited speaker:
Chris Barker (NYU) Linear implicature and free choice permission
10h–10h40 Fritz Hamm & Torgrim Solstad (Stuttgart) Reambiguating: On the non-monotonicity of disambiguation
9h–10h Invited speaker:
Robert Borsley (Essex) Constructions, Functional Heads, and Comparative Correlatives
10h–10h40 Gabi Danon (Bar Ilan U.) Agreement with quantified nominals: implications for feature theory
10h55–11h25 Coffee break
10h40–11h10 Coffee break
10h40–11h10 Coffee break
11h25–12h05 Ingo Mittendorf & Louisa Sadler (Essex) Welsh Prenominals and the Syntax-Morphology Interface
12h05–12h45 Olga Kagan (Jerusalem) & Asya Pereltsvaig (Stanford) Syntax and Semantics of Bare NPs: Objects of na-sja verbs in Russian
11h10–11h50 Daniel Gutzmann (Francfort) Expressive modifiers and mixed expressives
11h50–12h30 Yasuyuki Fukutomi (Fukushima) Wh-Scope Marking and Argument/Predicate Distinction

11h10–11h50 Clemens Mayr (Harvard) Focus licensing on binding chains
11h50–12h30 Nicolas Guilliot (Toronto) Reconstruire les relatives fonctionnelles… ou pas
12h45–14h30 Lunch break
12h30–14h30 Lunch break
12h30–14h30 Lunch break

14h30–15h10 Bjarne Ørsnes (Berlin) Nonfinite do-support and the structure/function association
15h10–15h50 Martin Salzmann (Konstanz) On a movement paradox in Verb Projection Raising

14h30–15h30 Invited speaker:
Lisa Matthewson (U. de Colombie Brittanique) On non-modal evidentials
15h30–16h10 Jungmee Lee (Ohio State) Evidentiality and temporality: a case study of –te in Korean

14h30–15h10 Guillaume Thomas (MIT) Incremental comparison
15h10–15h50 Yusuke Kubota (Ohio State) Phrasal comparatives in Japanese: A measure function-based analysis
15h50–16h20 Coffee break

16h10–16h40 Coffee break

15h50–16h20 Coffee break

16h20–17h Fabiola Henri & Frédéric Laurens (Paris 7) La complémentation des verbes à montée et à contrôle en mauricien
17h–17h40 Wataru Uegaki (Tokyo)
Attitudes de se and ‘nearly free’ control
17h40–18h20 Alexander Letuchiy (Moscow) Russian vzaimo reciprocals and unaccusativity
16h40–17h20 Daniel Gutzmann & Elena Castroviejo Miró (Frankfurt) The Dimensions of VERUM
17h20–18h Makoto Kaneko (Okayama) Epistemic 'determiner' outside nominal projections in Japanese
18h–18h40 Malte Zimmermann & Heiner Drenhaus (Potsdam) How exhaustive are you? An ERP study on it-Clefts, only-Foci, and Scalar Implicature

16h20–17h Lucas Champollion (UPenn & Xerox PARC) & Uli Sauerland (Stanford & ZAS Berlin) Move and Accommodate: A Solution to Higginbotham’s Puzzle
17h–17h40 Doris Penka (Konstanz) & Arnim von Stechow (Tübingen)
Phrasal before/after

18h30 Réception

The list of reviewers is available on the acknowledgements page.

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