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CSSP 2007



CSSP 2007
October 4-6, 2007

Thematic session : syntax and semantics of comparison

Thursday October 4
Friday October 5
Saturday October 6
9h–9h15 Opening and Welcome
9h15–10h15 Invited talk:
Guglielmo Cinque (Venice) The Prenominal Origin of Relative Clauses
10h15–10h45 Nora Boneh & Ivy Sichel (Jerusalem) Deconstructing Possession
9h–10h Invited talk:
Denis Creissels (Lyon 2) Remarks on split intransitivity
10h–10h30 Yusuke Kubota (Ohio) : A Multi-Modal Combinatory Categorial Grammar analysis of -te form complementation in Japanese
9h–10h Invited talk:
Laurence Horn (Yale) “I love me some him”: The landscape of non-argument datives
10h–10h30 Nausicaa Pouscoulous & Bart Geurts (Nijmegen) Experimental evidence against local implicatures
10h45–11h15 Coffee break
10h30–11h Coffee break
10h30–11h Coffee break
11h15–11h45 Lobke Aelbrecht (Brussels) Dutch auxiliaries with a null VP proform complement
11h45–12h15 Franc Marusic & Rok Zaucer (Nova Gorica & Ottawa) The Dual Source of the adjective-plus-indefinite-pronoun construction
12h15–12h45 Gianina Iordachioaia& Elena Soare (Tübingen & Paris 8) Two Kinds of Event Plurals: Evidence from Romanian Nominalizations
11h–11h30 Ezra Keshet (MIT)
Infinitival Complements and Tense
11h30–12h Elena Castroviejo Miro (Frankfurt) When manner adverbs cannot be interpreted as predicate modifiers
12h–12h30 Jinyoung Choi & Maribel Romero (Pennsylvania) Rescuing existential Free Choice Items in episodic Sentences
11h–11h30 Robert van Rooij (Amsterdam) Comparatives and standards of precision
11h30–12h Carla Umbach (Osnabruck) The role of German 'so' in equative comparison
12h–12h30 Sveta Krasikova (Tübingen) Comparison in Chinese
12h45–14h30 Lunch break
12h30–14h30 Lunch break
12h30–14h30 Lunch break
14h30–15h30 Invited talk:
Mary Dalrymple (Oxford) Syntax and semantics of noun coordination
15h30–16h Markus Egg (Groningen) Semantic construction for restrictive and non-restrictive relative clause
14h30–15h Carlo Geraci & Francesca Panzeri (Milan) Comparative Correlatives: the Case of Italian Sign Language and more...
15h–15h30 Yasuyuki Fukutomi (Fukushima) The Internal Structure of Japanese Wh-Phrases
15h30–16h Marta Abrusan (MIT) Contradiction and grammaticality: the case of negative islands
14h30–15h30 Invited talk:
Chris Kennedy (Chicago) Standards of comparison
15h30–16h Scotts Fults (Maryland) Representations of magnitude and comparison
16h–16h30 Coffee break

16h–16h30 Coffee break

16h–16h30 Coffee break

16h30–17h Martin Schäfer (Leipzig) Resolving scope mismatches in manner modification
17h–17h30 Jean-Pierre Koenig & Chief Liancheng (Buffalo)
Scalarity and state-changes in Mandarin, Hindi, Tamil, and Thai
17h30–18h Sergei Tatevosov (Moscow) Subevental structure and non-culmination

16h30–17h Uli Sauerland (Berlin) Pseudo-Sloppy Readings in Flat Binding
17h–17h30 Ana Arregui (Ottawa) Past facts and the semantics of counterfactuals
17h30–18h Jean-Pierre Koenig, Gail Mauner, Breton Bienvenue & Kathy Conklin (Buffalo) : The micro-geography of verb meanings

16h30–17h Gabriela Matos & Ana Brito (Lisboa & Porto) Comparative clauses and cross linguistic variation
17h–17h30 Jacques Jayez & Lucia Tovena (Lyon & Paris 7)
Hidden comparison and the meaning of 'presque'

18h Reception


The list of reviewers is available on the acknowledgements page.

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