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CSSP 2007


CSSP 2007
The Seventh Syntax and Semantics Conference in Paris
October 4-6, 2007

Invited speakers
Guglielmo Cinque (Venise)
Denis Creissels (Lyon 2)
Mary Dalrymple (Oxford)
Laurence R. Horn (Yale)
Chris Kennedy (Chicago)

Submission deadline: April 30, 2007

The seventh Syntax and Semantics Conference in Paris (CSSP 2007) will take place
on October 4-6, 2007.
The Conference welcomes papers combining empirical inquiry and formal explicitness. CSSP aims at favouring comparisons between different theoretical frameworks.
CSSP conferences combine a general session and a thematic session.
Submissions for the general session may address any topic on
  • syntax,
  • semantics,
  • or the syntax-semantics interface
The thematic session will focus on
The syntax and semantics of comparison
Submission information can be found here.
Organizing Committee : Claire Beyssade (CNRS-J. Nicod), Olivier Bonami (Paris 4), Alda Mari (CNRS-J. Nicod)
Scientific Committee : Claire Beyssade (CNRS-J. Nicod, chair), Olivier Bonami (Paris 4), Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (CNRS-Paris 8), Francis Corblin (Paris 4), Danièle Godard (CNRS-Paris 7), Jean-Marie Marandin (CNRS-Paris 7), Alda Mari (CNRS-J. Nicod)

Main page Contact: info@cssp.cnrs.fr