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CSSP 2005



CSSP 2005
Sept 29 - 1 Oct 2005
Amphi 24, Campus Jussieu, Paris

Thematic session: the syntax and semantics of non-assertive sentences

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Thursday, September 29
Friday, September 30
Saturday, October 1
9h–9h15 Opening and Welcome
9h15–10h15 Invited speaker:
A. Kratzer (U. Mass. Amherst) Minimal Pronouns
10h15–10h45 A. Arregui (U. Ottawa) Backtracking Counterfactuals and Iterated Modalities
9h–10h Invited speaker:
G. Kleiber (U. Strasbourg 2) Sur la sémiotique des interjections
10h–10h30 J. Jayez (ENS Lyon) & A. Beaulieu-Masson (Fribourg U.) What room for viewpoints?
9h–10h Invited speaker:
H. van Riemsdijk (KUB, Tilburg) Horn amalgams as grafts
10h–10h30 E. Potsdam (U. Florida) The Clausal Typing Hypothesis and Optional Wh-Movement in Malagasy
10h45–11h15 Break
10h30–11h Break
10h30–11h Break
11h15–11h45 O. Matushansky (CNRS-U. Paris 8) Why Rose is the Rose
11h45–12h15 G. Iordachioaia (U. Tübingen) Event Readings of Numeral NPs
12h15–12h45 A. Mari (CNRS-ENST) Linearizing Sets: Each Other
11h–11h30 E. McCready (Osaka U.) Man
11h30–12h M. Sailer (U. Göttingen) Neg-Raising in an Underspecified Semantics Framework
12h–12h30 B. Spector (ENS & U. Paris 7) Exhaustive Interpretations: What to Say and Not to Say
11h–11h30 J. Rett (Rutgers U.) Pronominal vs. Determiner Wh-Words: Evidence from the Copy Construction
11h30–12h N. Elouazizi (U. Leiden) Wh-Movement Asymmetries and Anti-Connectivity Effects in Berber Clefts
12h–12h30 H. Obenauer (CNRS-U. Paris 8) Nonstandard Interrogatives: Sentence Types, Split CP, and Simplicity in Syntax
12h45–14h Lunch
12h30–14h Lunch

14h00–15h00 Invited speaker:
M. Butt (U. Konstanz) The Dative-Ergative Connection
15h–15h30 I. Francez (Stanford U.) Disentangling Goals from Recipients: Evidence from Hebrew
14h–15h Invited speaker:
E. Engdahl (U. Göteborg) Information packaging in questions
15h–15h30 B. Reese (U. Texas, Austin) The Meaning and Use of Negative Polar Interrogatives

15h30–16h Break

15h30–16h Break


16h–16h30 D. Kallulli (U. Vienna)
A Unified Analysis of Passives and Anticausatives
16h30–17h T. Maekawa (U. Essex)
Configurational and Linearization-Based Approaches to Negative Inversion
17h–17h30 O. Fedorova & I. Yanovich (Moscow State U.) Lexically Modifying Binding Conditions
17h30–18h M. Dalrymple & I. Nikolaeva (Oxford U.) Information Structure and Secondary Agreement
16h–16h30 C. Beyssade (CNRS-EHESS-ENS) & J.-M. Marandin (CNRS-Paris 7) Basic Illocutionary Forces
16h30–17h H. Zeijlstra (U. Tübingen) The Ban On True Negative Imperatives
17h–17h30 M. Pak, P. Portner, & R. Zanuttini (Georgetown U.) What Korean Promissives Tell Us About Jussive Clause Types

A. Abeillé (U. Paris 7) La notion de coordination lexicale
J. Gouguet (U. Paris 7) Adverbials in Mandarin Argument Structure
O. Matushansky (CNRS-Paris 8) & E. Ruys (U. Utrecht) Best regards

18h Reception


The list of reviewers can be found on the acknowledgements page.

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