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CSSP 2011



CSSP 2011
September 21-23, 2011
Université Paris 8, Amphi D02, batiment D
métro St Denis Université

Wednesday September 21
Thursday September 22
Friday September 23
9h45–10h Opening
10h–11h Invited speaker:
Danièle Godard (UMR7110 LLF Paris 7) Indicative and subjunctive mood in complement sentences: Formal semantics and grammar writing
11h–11h40 Emilie Destruel (UT Austin) The meaning and use of the French c'est-cleft
10h–11h Invited speaker:
Cleo Condoravdi (Zukunftskolleg, U Konstanz) Imperatives: Meaning and Illocutionary Force
11h–11h40 Anamaria Falaus (U Basque Country /UPV-EHU) Modal indefinites and free-choice inference in imperatives
10h–11h Invited speaker:
Jim McCloskey (UC Santa Cruz)
Polarity and case licensing
11h–11h40 Gabi Danon (Bar-Ilan U) Agreement features and non-agreeing copulas in Modern Hebrew
11h40–12h Coffee break
11h40–12h Coffee break
11h40–12h Coffee break
12h–12h40 Yusuke Kubota (U Tokyo) & Robert Levine (Ohio State) Against ellipsis: Arguments for the direct licensing of 'non-canonical' coordinations
12h40–13h20 Artemis Alexiadou & Gianina Iordachioaia (U Stuttgart) Causative Nominalizations from Psych Verbs
12h–12h40 Janna Lipenkova (FU Berlin & U Stuttgart) Obligatory event modifiers and lexical licensing in the Chinese ba-construction
12h40–13h20 Wataru Uegaki (MIT) Content nouns and the semantics of question-embedding predicates

12h–12h40 Eric Potsdam (U Florida) The Syntax of Malagasy Phrasal Comparatives
12h40–13h20 Thomas Grano & Chris Kennedy (U Chicago) Severing the degree argument from the adjective: Evidence from Mandarin transitive comparatives
13h20–14h45 Lunch break
13h20–14h30 Lunch break
13h20–14h45 Lunch break

14h45–15h25 Valentina Bianchi (Siena) & Giuliano Bocci (Bologna) ''Should I stay or should I go?'' Optional focus movement in Italian
15h25–16h05 Theresa Biberauer (U Cambridge/ Stellenbosch U) & Hedde Zeijlstra (U Amsterdam) Inherent instability and spontaneous change: an Afrikaans case study

14h30–15h30 Invited speaker:
Jean-Pierre Koenig (U Buffalo) The (non)-universality of syntactic selection and functional application
15h30–16h10 Laura Kallmeyer & Rainer Osswald (Heinrich-Heine-U Duesseldorf) A Frame-Based Semantics of the Dative Alternation in Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammars

14h45–15h25 Yusuke Kubota (U Tokyo) Revisiting the progressive/ perfect ambiguity of -te iru in Japanese: A scale-based analysis
15h25–16h05 Gabriela Bilbiie & Anna Gazdik (Paris 7) Coordination of unlikes in multiple questions
16h05–16h35 Coffee break

16h10–16h40 Coffee break

16h05–16h45 Stephen Wechsler (UT Austin) Polysemy and Pancakes

16h35–17h15 Elizabeth Coppock (U Lund) & David Beaver (UT Austin) Exclusivity, Uniqueness and Definiteness
17h15–17h55 Sonia Cyrino (Unicamp) & M.Teresa Espinal (UA Barcelona)
Object BNs in Brazilian Portuguese. More on the NP/DP analysis
16h40–17h20 Anne Dagnac (CLLE-ERSS, U Toulouse 2) How do you double your C? Evidence from a Gallo-Romance dialect
17h20–18h Thomas Grano (U Chicago) Exhaustive control is not control: Cinque's IP and the raising/ control divide

18h10 Reception

Yasutada Sudo (Massachussets Institute of Technology) Towards a Unified Account of Anti-Uniqueness Inferences
Andreea Nicolae (Harvard U) Situating PPIs within an alternative-based framework of the Polarity System

The list of reviewers is available on the acknowledgements page.

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