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CSSP 1997

The second Colloque de Syntaxe et Sémantique à Paris (CSSP 1997) was held on October 16-18 1997 at the Université Paris 7. A thematic session on indefinites took place on October 18.
A selection of papers presented at this conference has been published as Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 2.


Thursday, October 16th
Friday, October 17th
Saturday, October 18th
9h–9h10 Opening and Welcome
9h10–10h10 Invited speaker:
H. Kamp (Stuttgart) Titre?
9h–10h Invited speaker:
D. Farkas (UCSC) Towards a Semantic Typology of Noun Phrases
9h–10h Invited speaker:
R. Kempson (Londres) On Concepts of Scope – A Dynamic Perspective
10h10–10h30 Break
10h–10h30 Break
10h–10h30 Break
10h30–11h C. Condoravdi (CYCORP) Presuppositional Underspecification: The Case of 'Ksana'
11h–11h30 L. Dekydtspotter (Indiana) Futur Proche et Futur Simple: Référence et Quantification
11h30–12h S. Gennari (Brown U.) Tense, Aktionsart and Sequence of Tenses
12h00–12h30 J. Lecarme (CNRS-2LC) Nominal tense and tense theory
10h30–11h M. Honcoop (HIL Leiden) Reconstruction in and of itself
11h–11h30 J. Kuhn (IMS Stuttgart) The syntax and semantics of split NPs and floating quantifiers in Lexical Functional Grammar
11h30–12h B. Crysmann (Saarbrücken) (Im)proper Quantifiers and Clitic Placement in European Portuguese
12h00–12h30 D. Hardt (Villanova) A Dynamic identity Theory of Ellipsis
10h30–11h A. Giannakidou (Groningen) Free-choice indefinites in Greek
11h–11h30 L.M. Tovena (Genève) & J. Jayez (EHESS) Irreference vs. non-veridicality : the case of any
11h30–12h M. Becker (UCLA) The Some Indefinites
12h00–12h30 I. Comorovski (Nancy) Functional indefinites and the proportion problem
12h30–14h Lunch
12h30–14h Lunch
12h30–14h Lunch
14h–14h30 D. Pesetsky (MIT) The Interpretation of Immovability
14h30–15h J. Aoun (U. of South California) & J. Nunes (Unicamp) Vehicle change and Move F
14h–14h30 F. Newmeyer (U. of Washington) The perceptual deictic construction in English
14h30–15h H. Demirdache (U. of British Columbia) On descriptions in (Lilloet) Salish 15h–15h30 C. Piñon (Düsseldorf) On a distributive marker in Polish
14h–14h30 A. Cohen & N. Erteschik-Shir (Ben-Gurion U.) Are bare plurals indefinites?
14h30–15h L. McNally (Barcelone), V. van Geenhoven (Nimègue) Redefining the weak/strong distinction
15h–15h30 T. Reinhart (OTS/Tel Aviv) & Y. Winter (OTS) The quantificational origins of 'referential' indefinites
15h–15h30 Break
15h30–16h Break

15h30–16h J.-P. Koenig (SUNY), K. Lambrecht (Austin) French relative clauses as secondary predicates: A case study in Construction Theory
16h–16h30 L. Sadler (Essex) Lexical integrity, small constructions and the morpho-syntax of Welsh Clitics
16h30–17h S. Kahane (TALANA), I. Melc'uk (Collège de France) Synthèse des phrases à extraction : aspects sémantiques et syntaxiques
17h–17h30 D. Kolliakou (Groningen) Towards an Inflectional Theory of Definiteness
17h30–19h30 Réception
19h30–20h30 Invited speaker:
Ivan A Sag (Stanford) Satisfying Constraints on Extraction and Adjunction
16h–16h30 I. Derzhanski (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) Monotonicity and interrogation
16h30–17h A. Franck (Rank Xerox) Deontic conditionals and conterfactual asymmetry
17h–17h30 R. Van Valin (SUNY) Generalized Semantic Roles and the Syntax-Semantics Interface


Andrée Borillo (U. Toulouse 2), Michel Chambreuil (U. Clermont 2), Guglielmo Cinque (Venise), Francis Corblin (U. Rennes 2), Marcel Cori (U. Paris 10), Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin (CNRS, Paris 7), Donka Farkas (UCSC), Claire Gardent (U. Saarbrücken), Danièle Godard (CNRS, Lille) , Jeroen Groenendijk (Amsterdam), Jacqueline Guéron (Paris 3), Jacques Jayez (EHESS), Hans Kamp (Stuttgart), Ruth Kempson (SOAS, Londres), Georges Kleiber (U. Strasbourg), Brenda Laca (U. Strasbourg), Shalom Lappin (SOAS, Londres), Beth Levin (Northwestern U.) , Chris Manning (U. of Sydney), Jean-Marie Marandin (CNRS, Paris 7), Christiane Marchello-Nizia (Paris), Philip Miller (U. Lille 3), Marie-Claude Paris (U. Paris 7), Georges Rebuschi (U. Paris 3), Uwe Reyle (U. Stuttgart), Henk van Riemdijk (U. Tilburg), Craige Roberts (Ohio State U.), Louisa Sadler (U. of Essex), Ivan A. Sag (Stanford U.), Henriëtte de Swart (Stanford U.), Ana Szabolcsi (UCLA), Henk Verkuyl (U. Utrecht), A. Watanabe (Tokyo), Annie Zaenen (Rank Xerox), Richard Zuber (CNRS-Paris 7).

Organising committee

Francis Corblin (U. Rennes 2), Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin (CNRS-Paris 7), Danièle Godard (CNRS-Paris 7), Jean-Marie Marandin (CNRS-Paris 7)


CSSP 1997 has been organised with the financial support of the CNRS, the University Paris 7 and the Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle (URA 1028, CNRS-Paris 7).

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